About Us

Located just outside of Ottawa, Canada, we are surrounded by nature and walking paths, we’re lucky enough to see the things in life that can be impacted by a small change. I can tell you first hand that walking nature trails with my young children, seeing plastic bags stuck in trees and washed up on the edge of the river, does not bring anyone joy. We live in a country of four distinct seasons and what the snow hides through the winter becomes extremely obvious in spring when what you should be seeing is trees sprouting and hear birds singing.

As you can see this website and these products have been our labour of love though it’s taken some time for us to bring them to you. Precipitated by the devastating affects of a global pandemic we pushed forward to help ourselves and the people around us make a difference in the world in which we live.

We are a large workforce of women, family and friends who have become family. We’ve all been sewing our entire lives, backgrounds ranging from 20 to 60 years. Just in our own group we started to realize how much we each wanted to do better at using sustainable products, we all wanted to try harder, to find the pieces we needed to live our lives greener and with less waste. Our product line was born from the aspects of our own lives that we knew are pieces we take for granted, things that bring comfort and calm to our lives, and we wanted to share these possibilities with those around us.

Join us in this change and we will all be able to walk down the natural trails, show our children and our grandchildren the trees and point out the birds without having to wade through the plastic bags caught in the branches.

We are updating and adding to our inventory weekly so stay with us, join our newsletter, and keep checking to see what new things we think might bring new life to your daily lives!